Step 2: Gathering materials and measuring the yard

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Before you begin making your fence, you need to measure the area you want the fence to go. I have a rather big front yard so running across the front and down the sides, I came up with 190' of fencing, or twenty three 8' panels and one 6' gate panel. Your yard haunt will differ. You may decide you want 10' panels vs. 8'. That is up to you and may be dictated on how much room you have and your dimensions. Say you have a yard with 20' before a sidewalk and 20' after the sidewalk. Two panels 10' per side may be warranted .

Once you find out how much fencing you will need, the next step is to gather the materials. Below is a material list.

For one 8' fence panel:
>>> (3) 10' pieces of PVC 1/2" diameter. I chose to use the gray electrical PVC called JM
             Eagle as it was 92 cents a stick vs $1.46 for the white stuff.
>>>(3) Furring strips 8' long. You can use 1x2 or 2x2. I chose the 2x2 for added strength
>>> (1) 10' piece of JM Eagle 2" PVC
>>> (2) pieces of 1/2" rebar 4 foot long or 2 four foot T posts from someplace like Home Depot.
>>> (9) 3/4" plastic fence finials. You can pick them up online at sites such as
            mcfrugal.com With shipping, they came out to about 30 cents each.
>>> Sand paper, 120 to 180 grit
>>> White kilz primer. The cheapest primer that stuck well
>>> Exterior Black latex paint. I chose Behr and it was $19.95 a gallon with $5 back in the 
           mail making it under $15 in 8 to 10 weeks of course
>>> (1) box of 1 1/4" screws
>>> (1) box of 7/16" panhead screws

Tools needed:

>>>Power drill
>>>7/8" spade bit
>>>Drill press ( not needed but really handy)
>>>Phillips bit to drive screws
>>>Paint brush, paint roller, paint pan
>>>Rubber gloves
>>>An old sock ( to paint with)
>>>Heat gun ( real use to strip paint from a house)
>>> Sledge hammer or post driver ( for rebar stakes)
>>> PVC cutter ( about 12 dollars at a home improvement store and will save time and headache)
>>> A saw to cut the 2" PVC as the cutter only goes to 1 1/4"
>>> Tape, duct or electrical. You will need it for a few things.
>>> Pocket knife

Next recruit help. It takes much more time than you think to create a fence.
markmeadct9 months ago

great instructions. A couple things I did. I used 5/8 dowels to connect the 5/8 finials. I used great stuff foam insulation in the 2 inch tube to stabilize it .Thanks for the great idea.