Step 3: Cutting the PVC bars and posts

Picture of Cutting the PVC bars and posts
fence 3.JPG

In order to create a single 8' panel, you will need 3 pieces (sticks) of  1/2" PVC and 1 piece (stick) of the 2" PVC.

The look I wanted for my fence was an arched rolling top. To get this effect, I had to cut different sized pieces. When you take the 10' piece of PVC, you can see there is a bell on one end, (only for the electrical PVC). This bell is used to couple two pieces of PVC together. We do not need this piece and it is not helpful to the finished look of the fence. It will be cut off with your third cut.

To get the rolling look, you will need 2 tall, 4 medium, and 3 short pieces. Out of the 10' section of pipe, the most you can use is 116" of the 120" due to the bell. My cut list is below

stick one: 42",  38",  34" 

Stick two: 42",  38",  34"

Stick three: 38",  38",  34"

2" PVC end post:  Cut off the bell, measure and cut in half the remainder, should be about 57" each. The fence post will be much taller than the fence. You may want to resize it to be about the same height as your fence. I will cut the middle pieces shorter (about 38") and leave the corners long (57").

This is where the PVC cutter comes in handy. It will save you time and effort. It cuts the PVC clean and very easily. It can only cut up to 1 1/4" diameter so you will need a saw (hack saw or sawzall) to cut the 2" end posts

***Safety tip***
If you bought a ratcheting PVC cutter, be careful with the blades. The opening will be much bigger than the pipe. If you click the handle to get the blade closer to the pipe before putting the pipe inside the jaws, it may snap down fully. If you have a finger in the way, it will not care and you will get to visit the ER.