Picture of Halloween Concept Car
Now this is a car that truly shows Halloween! I have been drawing cars for a while and cars that look like a parade float are one of my specialties. If I could win the contest I would definitly feel obligated to use it to show how draw different types of cars and designs useing it. Now let's draw the Halloween Concept Car!
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Step 1: The Supplies

Picture of The Supplies
To get the same result you will need:
- a pencil with a good eraser (yes the pencil is from school)
- a piece of paper
- time
- colored pencils (preferably crayola)
                  -Harvest Gold
                  -Yellow Green
                  - Pencil gray (in case you don't have silver)

Step 2: The Body

Picture of The Body
To start lightly draw a oval like shape.

Step 3: The Front Wheels

Picture of The Front Wheels
Now I may have jumped a little but, start with a basic rectangle where you want the front wheels to be. After that start drawing the back of the arm and work you way forward and than surround round the hand where the wheel should be. The far hand should show the the thumb-like ligment of the hand. I also drew a reference line between the front of the hands so I could line up the hands in perspective of the angle.

Step 4: The Face

Picture of The Face
Now for the creepy face! Start with a curved line like making a windsheild for a regular car, but instead, this line will be used for the bottom reference for the eyes. The hard part here is that the eyes will be the same size but, the far eye continues around the body. Next is the mouth this can be whatever you want but I like a evil smile. Again make sure to follow the rounding contour or the body.  the sharp teeth I made with progressively larger ones toward the center of the mouth and then smaller ones on the bottom. Make sure to keep your mouth reference is light unlike the picture shows, that way where the teeth are can be erased.
Awesome image and you're very organized :)
JonnyBGood (author)  Penolopy Bulnick2 years ago
Don't worry, I fake organization.... I just keep all of certain stuff together.
Nice, that's pretty cool!
ilpug2 years ago
Woah cool idea...