Now this is a car that truly shows Halloween! I have been drawing cars for a while and cars that look like a parade float are one of my specialties. If I could win the contest I would definitly feel obligated to use it to show how draw different types of cars and designs useing it. Now let's draw the Halloween Concept Car!

Step 1: The Supplies

To get the same result you will need:
- a pencil with a good eraser (yes the pencil is from school)
- a piece of paper
- time
- colored pencils (preferably crayola)
                  -Harvest Gold
                  -Yellow Green
                  - Pencil gray (in case you don't have silver)
Awesome image and you're very organized :)
Don't worry, I fake organization.... I just keep all of certain stuff together.
Nice, that's pretty cool!
Woah cool idea...

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