Halloween Costume: Mail Order Bride





Introduction: Halloween Costume: Mail Order Bride

Here is how to make a mail order bride costume. Hope you enjoy.

Step 1: What You Need

For this costume you will need.
A white dress (or a white shirt & skirt)
White & green bubble wrap
a headband (white is best but pink works to)
6 sheets of white paper
red, blue, & black markers
Transparent tape
A small FedEx package (if you have one for a clutch)

Step 2: FedEx

Draw out the FedEx logo on 5 Sheets of paper & set them aside. now draw on the last sheet of paper 2 fragile signs & cut them out.

Step 3: Your Wrapping AKA Dress

Grab your FedEx signs and tape. Now put tape on the signs and tape them to the dress 3 on the front 2 on back. with the 2 fragile signs tape 1 to the front and back.

Step 4: For the Veil

Now that you finished the dress let's move on to the Veil. So grab your bubble wrap, tape, headband, & scissors. so fold the bubble wrap in half & use tape to tape one side together. Now place it on your head & put the headband on over it & fold the bubble wrap over it. Like you see on my penguin model. And that's it for the Veil.

Step 5: The Bubble Bouquet

Now for the Bouquet grab your scissors bubble wrap and tape. lay your bubble wrap flat and pop the first 2 inches of bubbles for less bulk. Now roll it up and squeeze and twist the first 2 inches to create a handle & secure it with tape. With the upper part cut strips down the sides. That's how you do the Bouquet.

Step 6: All Done

Now put on your veil grab your bouquet put on your dress and grab your clutch. & you are ready to go. go model & have fun.



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Would have been funnier if it was a fed up ex.

you are aware of pleading people to vote for you won't really get you anywhere.

Sorry I did not know that you or others considered that pleading except my apolagie.

No need to apologize just be sure to take time when replying and not to almost say the same thing in all the comments ^^

(Just make a statement for voting at the end of the instructable :D

Great idea !something that i can use for next Halloween..