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Introduction: Halloween Costume: Swing Voter

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Shortly after Halloween ends this year, millions of Americans will go to the polls to vote in this year's presidential election. That means, for all the politically active comedians in the audience, that this is your last chance to make a political statement while stirring up some laughs at your costume or office party.

As an Ohioan, I am often told that Ohio is a swing state in this year's up and coming election. As such, my fellow Ohio brethren and I have been deemed "Swing Voters". Neither candidate, to the knowledge of the author, has released a compelling platform in favor of swingsets and playgrounds, so as a swing voter I can't help but feel somewhat left out. Therefore this Halloween I will be standing up for recess and the interests of swing voters everywhere!

So let's get started...

Update: Featured?! Thanks Instructables, I really appreciate it.

Step 1: Construct a Sign

This step is fairly straightforward. Write a witty phrase on a sign (cardboard or wood work well) and then attach the sign to a sign pole (wood scraps or dowels work well for this purpose).

For best results, make a double-sided sign or 2 signs, each poking fun at a particular candidate. Alternatively, protest in favor of the issues important to swing voters (example phrases provided below).

Example Phrases:
-"Obama voted to support jungle gym interests 4 times"
-"McCain supported anti-monkey bar initiatives twice"
-"Protect our Playgrounds!"
-"Defend Right to Recess"

EDIT: After a field test of the costume (aka Halloween), it was noted that wind is a probable factor for the sign, so when building it, consider making sure its strong enough to withstand a light breeze.

Step 2: The Shirt

The shirt is incredibly simple, simply buy a super cheap shirt from Wal Mart or Goodwill or Target (or wherever), and write something witty on it. Uncreative or afraid people won't get your costume? Just write "Swing Voter" on it. If you want to get fancy, you can silkscreen your shirt.

As an addition to the shirt, get buttons from both political candidates. By wearing both you can proudly display your indecisiveness.

Step 3: Summary

The true beauty of the swing voter costume is its simplicity. Such a costume can easily be made in under an hour for very little money, and many of the materials are available in an average household. So this Halloween, go out there and have some fun, with the Swing Voter costume!



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    I loved the messages you put on the sign. They're not offensive to anyone but the blind, and they're funny. I'm giving it 4.5 because it feels like it's missing something... Not sure what. Still, that's a CRAZY GOOD costume.

    5 replies

    I hope you're saying the signs are funny, and not the blind. You people make me sick..

    you can rest easy, I think he means the signs are funny

    Alright, so, I got a little flak for this one. Here's my explanation: Because the humor is in the message written on the sign, it would be difficult for someone lacking sight to find it. Although they could tell that the person is holding a sign, they would most likely not know what is written on it. Thus, most of them would not find it inherently humorous. I was really tired when I wrote that.

    Actually, a word of warning regarding the costume (based on my Halloween day spent wearing it) While just about EVERYONE (accept the aforementioned sight impaired) can read what you wrote on the sign, only the people relatively nearby can actually read your shirt. Thus, you may get more than a few awkward stares unless you can make it known that you are a swing voter on the sign.

    The blind are so funny...nyaa nyaa nyaaaa! C'mon...i hope you were kidding.

    You need a correction..Obama voted 'FOR' jungle gym subsidies twice, before he voted against them....

    Nice! Witty and not particularly offensive. We need more humor in the election process...

    I like a challange, I'm wearing one Supporting McCain tomorrow.

    Need more detail on the fabrication of this costume....

    OMG. I Love this I am sending a link to it to my whole family.

    That is Hilarious! It has to be one of the best costumes I've seen this year, for it's sheer ingenuity.

    Love it! Using it! Love double entendre!