Halloween Decorting ! Jumpy Box




Introduction: Halloween Decorting ! Jumpy Box

The Olympic Games have finished recently, and Yuanhui Fu has become a new bright star with her expressions online. Every day, I want to know how to be a humor top-world player. Finally, I invent a new sport event which will get an opportunity to have an impact on the world-Jump, Jump... Follow the Jumpy box, and then you’ll get mystic energy ;) You can browse more related works http://www.makeblock.com/

Step 1: Part List

·1 x Orion

·1 x Me RJ25 AdapterMe RJ25 AdapterMe RJ25 AdapterMe RJ25 Adapter Me RJ25 Adapter

·1 x MEDS150 Servo Motor

·1 x MEDS15 Servo Motor

·2 x Beam0412-60

·2 x Beam0412-76

·1 x Beam0824-016-Blue

·2 x Beam0824-048-Blue

·2 x Beam0824-064-Blue

·3 x Beam0824-080-Blue

·1 x Slide Beam0824-176-Blue

·4 x Plastic Spacer4*7*1

·12 x Plastic Spacer 4*7*2

·1 x Plastic Spacer 4*7*1

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Step 2: Constructing Steps:(1) Hardware Assembly

In this part, we need to make a holder as

the picture below shows

1) Make a holder

Prepare the things for Hardware Work (like p1), and then construct the holder step by step.

Step 3: Constructing Steps:(​2) Make a Slider

Prepare the things as p1 shown here Fix plastic spacer, slide plate by M4*10 screens and nuts(p2 p3) Repeat this step three times, then you get a slider (p4) Fix the slider on the holder you build before (p5)

Step 4: Constructing Steps:(3)Fix Servo Motor Bracket and Servo (p1p2p3)

Put the Slider Beam into the Slider (p4)

Limit displacement with screens (p5) Make a crank-connecting rod (p6p7p8) Finished (p9)

Step 5: Fold Paper Construction:(1)make Paper Mark

Step 6: Fold Paper Construction:(2)Stick Those Head-to-tail in Sequence

Stick those head-to-tail in sequence (p1)

Fold as the picture shown below (p2p3p4)

Step 7: Wiring:Connect All of the Electronic Modules As the Picture

Step 8: The Finished Look

Step 9: Graphical Programming

Step 10: JUMPY BOX

If you are interested in the work, can go to our website to buy all the robot kitshttp://www.makeblock.com/, there is a lot more interesting robot kits, hope you like it



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