In this project I have some Halloween characters attached to the hands of a clock traveling in a circle creating an animated Halloween diorama in a jar.  A ghost is attached to the second hand traveling in a circle at a rate of once a minute.  A cat is on the minute hand completing a circle in an hour.  The zombie, much slower since he has a bad leg takes 12 hours to go around.  The tombstone marks twelve o"clock and the pumpkins mark 3, 6 and 9 o'clock so you can still tell the time.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

Clock mechanism

Large jar with lid

Craft foam or card stock, small Halloween decorations

Clear plastic

Optional: LED tealight

Black paint and coloured markers



this is great
That's scary COOL, man! I'll bet If I started one now, it would be finished in time for Halloween... Maybe... just maybe! :^) <br>
Thanks. You have a few months still.
freaken awesome!!!!love it !
I loved the cat! This is so cute! Thanks for sharing.<br>Sunshiine
its toooooooo cool, thanks
Inspirational!<br>Thanks for the Ible
Very cool! I hope I can find a good glass jar for this project!
I found mine at a dollar store, another option is as ildegiron mentioned below to use a cd/dvd container.
Alright! Thanks a bunch ChrysN!
I like this instructable. I have seen a clock like this that is built into a glass cube, with a witch that flays around a house every minute. I may think of another theme to make one of these. The jars are easily found in dollar stores in the kitchen department. Well done.
This is so cool!!! I just love it!!! Thank you for this terrific instructible!
Very clever! I love the idea of adapting the clock movement for an animation purpose. Very nice job on the foam figures.<br><br>My own version would probably switch the ghost and the zombie. The herky-jerky movement of the second hand seems appropriate for a zombie, and the more subtle positioning of the minute hand is good for a sneaky creepy ghost. Maybe the Grim Reaper on the hour hand.<br><br>This is one 'ible I may actually try on my own. Thanks for taking the time to document your work.
Yes, I wish I had a better quality clock with a sweeping second hand so the ghost would move more gracefully.<br><br>The Grim Reaper sounds like a great idea, I'd love to see it when it is done!
Very clever, gave you 5 and a vote.<br><br>A
I was thinking that a Christmas theme would be great for this too--or any other theme one would wish really. Great idea, thank you!!!!
Wonderfully clever! Thumbs up.
Very cool!!!<br><br><br><br>I will be building a couple of them as gifts for some friends. Instead of the jar I plan on using discarded CD containers.<br><br><br><br>Regards.<br>
love this, witty.
very creative, I love it!
Pretty cool!

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