One Halloween, my family used dry ice for fog by dumping boiling water on it. I thought "I have an old PC fan... I wonder if I could use it for a fog machine that doesn't use water!" so I built it. I haven't been able to test it yet, so if anyone builds it, please comment how it turns out!
P.S. This is my first Instructable. Please comment!

Step 1: Gather the Materials

Here is what you need:

Paper towel tube
PC fan
9V battery
9V battery clip/holder
Super Bright Colored LED OR Super Bright White LED and colored plastic film (I didn't have any bright colored LEDs at the time)
Styrofoam cooler

Hot glue gun
Has anyone tried this without using water? I'm curious if it can pump out a decent amount of fog without adding hot water.<br><br>Typically, I put 5 to 10 pound blocks in a basket and lower it into hot water (at about 130F).
The main problem I have had with using dry ice is that once the water cools down, (which happens pretty quick), it fails to produce the smoke because it melts more slowly. I am going to attempt to construct one using a small inst hot water heater. Sometimes you can find them used for cheap.
Oh yeah, I completely forgot about the water! I think I was planning to assume the air was warm, or to put a coil near the fan to heat the air.
next year i am gonna make a few of these and put them on the back of my golf cart and drive around!
Cool! Make sure to tell me how it turns out!
You could also just use a colored LED. The cellophane does give it a cool custom tint though.
Also, I agree with you about the tint. If you've ever seen the movie Cars, it looks a lot like the Ghost Light!
Yes, I would've used a colored LED, but I couldn't find any of my blue ones :P
Hmmm Nice!!

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