You don't always get a chance to dress up for Halloween, say, if you're stuck at work that day, but you'll still want to get into the spirit of the day.  You need something, not a costume, but something to show that you are still celebrating this important Maker holiday.

Last year, I made my son a popped eyeball prop, and a handful of spare eyeballs have spent the year sitting in my shed.

Coming across the spare eyeballs, the Hallowe'en Pin Badge was born.

Step 1: Materials

The eyeball that forms the core of this prop is a cheap plastic item.  I bought a bag of ten for about a quid last year.  I saw similar eyeballs in a local supermarket this year, a bag of four for a pound.

You'll also need:
  • A pin-back (I used an old charity-badge, but they can be bought from jewellery-parts stores and your favourite online auction site).
  • Scrap dowel.
  • Sugru or two-part epoxy

You can also use:
  • Red card
  • Red aerosol paint.

What's pudsy doing inside the eyeball? BTW, Good instructable.
It was the lapel pin I had spare - I get a new one every year anyway.

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