Halloween Eyeball Trifle!

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Picture of Halloween Eyeball Trifle!
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This is the perfect dessert for a Halloween party!

Individual Trifle cups...Complete with eyeballs and skeleton animals!

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Step 1: What you'll need:

Picture of What you'll need:
Here's what I used:
(I did half chocolate, half vanilla because my little guy is allergic to chocolate)
(I used maraschino's, but pie filling is great too!)
Whipped topping
eyes and skeletal animals

Step 2: Skeleton Animals!

Picture of Skeleton Animals!
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halloween trifle (15).JPG
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First I decorated my animal crackers to look like skeletons
I used black candy melts.

I actually just used the back of a spoon to cover a thin
layer of candy on the animals.  Then, let them harden.

I used white candy melts next with a tiny piping bag tip
to draw on the skeletons.

I just eyeballed it.  And let them harden.

Step 3: Eyeballs!

Picture of Eyeballs!
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Then I made some eyes with candy melts.
Just melted them and put them in the icing bag...
and piped them out on my silpat.
Starting with white, then green then black pupils.

Some I did with the 2 eyes stuck together.
Some are cyclops eyes...

Step 4: Cake, Pudding and Cream!

Picture of Cake, Pudding and Cream!
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Next I mixed up a white cake mix.
I poured half into one pie pan...and then mixed some cocoa powder
in the rest of the batter for the chocolate cake.
(Just so I could make some all vanilla and some all chocolate)

Baked according to directions and let cool.

Mix up some instant pudding...I used both vanilla and chocolate.

Gather all the ingredients for the layered dessert.
Cut the cake into small cubes.
(this is the PERFECT solution for a cake that flopped!)

Step 5: Layering time!

Picture of Layering time!
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halloween trifle (18).JPG
halloween trifle (9).JPG
halloween trifle (12).JPG
halloween trifle (5).JPG
I used small, clear disposable cups.
Clear is key, so you can see the layers and creepy eyes.
But you could make it in a big trifle dish too.

It's just basic layering.
Start with a thin layer of cake.
Add a spoonful of pudding.
Then sneak in some eyeballs and cherries.
(the cherries were minimal...you could add more "gore" if you like)

Tuck those eyeballs right up to the edge so they are "peeking" out.
Then add whipped cream, cake, pudding...

Top it off with whipped topping!
Then add crushed cookies, eyeballs and a little skeletal animal!
Aly Guizar1 year ago
OMG! Y u so cray cray!!!! My sister made thit last year and she threw up the next day!!!!!!!!! I was like OMG, Happy Halloween!!!
Aly Guizar1 year ago
I know someone that made these but they used gummy worms.
Ha! Those skeleton animals are genius!
wold6301 year ago