Picture of Fire House Halloween Display

If you are not good at making props for Halloween, try decorating with light.  Here is a simple and relatively inexpensive way to make your house look hot for the holiday.

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Step 1: Lights- Martin Mania DC2

Picture of Lights- Martin Mania DC2

After researching many fire lighting effects, the Martin Mania DC2 looked the most realistic.  I purchase two of them used on eBay for $100 each.  It's a testament to how well these lights were designed and built because I've never experienced a problem with any Martin lighting products over the years.  The house's light colored siding was ideal for the projection.  They were set off to the side and one was aimed to the left front and the other towards the right front of the house.

Step 2: Lights- Martin Mania PR1

Picture of Lights- Martin Mania PR1

The lava effect that was on the inside wall of the house was created by a Martin Mania PR1 which was purchased used on eBay for $200.  The orange gobo came free with the new light, and I was lucky that the original owner included it in my sale.  The PR1 has been an invaluable part of many of my displays through the years (such as the bat signal in my Batman Themed Display in 2009).

Step 3: Other lights and effects

Picture of Other lights and effects
Chase Controller.jpg

You can find a lot of silk flame effects.  I purchased two use American DJ Torch Lights on eBay for $20 each.  I liked them because they were big and bright.  They needed a little tlc, but I fixed them up to work fine.

In the upstairs bedroom windows, I shined some standard can floods with red and orange gels on the back walls to light up the room..  The were hooked up to a basic four channel light controller to quickly flash them on and off.  Some small strobe lights also added to the effect.

Of course, a fog machine was set up by the front door so the trick-or treaters would walk through smoke as they approached.

DeeInBC4 years ago
This seems more of an advertisement than an instructable

I agree. Not too detailed at all so we need to put this together ourselves.

Thats what I was thinking too.
Advertisement - on how to make an awesome fire house!
zascecs DeeInBC4 years ago
lol, you're right, but anyways, good idea...
lgcunningham9 months ago

My husband thought this was pretty cool. He says he wants to put this together. Let's see.

This is freakin awesome
Do you live in Davis, CA? I swear I recognize this house.
miscbs3 years ago
What did you projects this on? This is a very cool effect that I want to do this Halloween.
groovy3 years ago
no instructable here...just a good ole sales pitch.
omnibot4 years ago
You have some lucky neighbours :)
CrLz4 years ago
Eerily close to something from Suspiria...Creepy!
homestuck4 years ago
that is truly awesome
indeepknit4 years ago
Aaaaahhhhh!! That is awesome!!