For Halloween this year i decided to scare the Neighborhood ghouls and goblins, with an oxy-acetylene Flamethrower (the oxygen is not really used). It was a rather simple build, but it ended up working Very well.

I am in no way responsible for your actions or the actions of others. Do not build this unless you can conduct yourself in a safe and orderly way. Whenever using this device make sure to wear safety gear.

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Step 1: Material Needed!

An Oxy-acetylene torch!
Duct tape (a good 2 inches will do)!
6 Inches of Brass (or other metal) 1/4" tubing!
a Brass (or other metal) 3/8"- 1/16" pipe reducer!
2 part epoxy ( 5 minute kind for the impatient)

Use gloves and goggles (even though i didn't)

That pretty much sums er' up

Step 2: Start Building

1) Mix equal parts epoxy and epoxy hardner, apply to the pipe reducer and one end of the pipe.

2) Put the 3/8" pipe reducer end onto the pipe (the side with epoxy on it) make sure air can still flow threw both, if it can;t drill out some epoxy so it can.

3) Duct tape the reduced end onto the output of the torch

4) put out a small amount of gas, Light using a safety lighter (BBQ lighter).  this will make a small flame, gradually up the amount of gas so you can get a bigger and longer flame. No need to use the oxygen part of the torch, as the acetylene is all you want.

Step 3: Flame Time!

Just keep increasing the amount of gas released, and the flame will get bigger/longer

All of these shots were taken with the thrower on a relatively low setting, i was  shooting it in a BBQ (modified with blast chamber in mind) and I was afraid of back-fire, which had already started happening. (the torch was on 1/8 of its total possible output)

Step 4: The Science Part

Ok, lets make a few things clear,
first off, the pipe is used to move the gas,pretty simple,
next, the reducer is used to increase the gases pressure, which makes the flame shoot outward more.

Step 5: Effects

Some cool effect to scare people are

1. Quickly turn the gas on high, then back down, this produces a big rising fireball

2. Put the gas on medium and wave it back and forth quickly, this gives the illusion of a big fireball

3. When wearing flame-proof gloves, put the gas between your fingers from below your hand, make it point up, this makes it look as if your holding fire.

4.Point the nossle straight up, put the gas on med-hi and i will make a fire tornado (which are outstandingly cool)

5. On med-hi gas hold the nossle to your far left, quickly pull the nossle and gas to the far right, it looks as if the fire is clawing at something to your right.

6. If its a windy day, point the nossle in the windward direction and gradually increase gas, This makes a long jet stream of fire.

7. Put the nossle face down into a ceramic cup, put the fuel on hi, it makes a big plume of fire shoot out from the cup, when you take the torch away fire still burns in the cup.

8. Just about any Single light POV effect can be replicated with the fire, be creative.

Step 6: Other Ideas?

I had a couple more ideas, while i am sticking to scaring people with this you might want to:

Make a skull with flaming eyes (use this as the flame source)

Attach a remote and motor and make an RC adjuster (to make flame appear from nowhere when your not in sight)

Make a dragon costume breath fire

Make fireballs appear from your hands

Due to the light weight of the canister the ideas are endless! You could even use it as part of your costume ( Be careful!)

Heres me "Holding" the Flame. Its quite obvious where the nossel is, but with a little sewing it should be "Invisible"

Step 7: Safety!

Ok there are a bunch of bad/dangerous things with this creation.

The first is

Pressure build up, the gas ispressurized if it can;t go anywhere or its builds up to much it could explode. Be careful


This uses fire, fire is not always safe. Be careful.


Fire is not always predictable. Be careful.

Always wear safety gear!

I am in no way responsible for your actions or the actions of others. Do not build this unless you can conduct yourself in a safe and orderly way. Whenever using this device make sure to wear safety gear.

i love diet dr pepper join my group!<br />
You credited WMM? Credits are there for things that deserve recognition, not filling space. Still I like fire, and there was some.<br /><br />L<br />
True, but without WMM&nbsp;it would be a poorly-made camera-phone movie thats rotated 90 to the left, with WMM&nbsp;i added some nice titles and fixed the problem... ect.<br />
It's not a real flamethrower until duct tape is on the materials list! (which it is, this is pretty cool)

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