Halloween Floating Candy Spiral


Introduction: Halloween Floating Candy Spiral



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    That is wicked! can't see the plastic at all. Really nice work.

    Fishing line was a great guess, but it would not have been able to maintain the spiral effect. I bought a sheet of really thin clear pastic from Michael's. I wish I knew the name of what it is actually called, but it like a piece of construction paper, just clear and thin plastic. I took a craft knife and cut a spiral (think of drawing a tornado starting from the center and moving out in circles). Then hot glued the candy to it. Hole punch a hole on the center end and hang with fishing line from a tiny screw in hook. I believe that I got the idea from a Martha Stewart Halloween magazine.

    That is brilliant, you wouldn’t mind if barrow this for Halloween this year?
    I really love the magic element to all of this

    Thank you. That makes the hours I spent covered in stringy hot glue worth it! =) If you have any questions when making it, don't hesitate to ask!