The time of ghosts and monsters is nearing again, so this season-themed food needs to be presented.
A creepy delicacy for your Kekri/Parentalia/Samhain/Halloween table.
Be careful though, this food is HEAVY!

This is not originally my recipe -no one actually knows who invented it- but I wanted to share the knowledge.

Too bad I didn't have a picture of a more successful specimen, the one pictured above suffered the curse of Porky(explained later).
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Step 1: What you need

- At least 700g(1.5lbs.) of minced meat, less makes the thing look like genitalia(Now there's an idea!)
- Bacon strips and bacon strips and bacon strips...
- 2 eggs
- Breadcrumbs(optional)
- Salt, pepper, etc.
- A few cheddar slices(optional)
- Lots of hot sauce(optional)
- A couple of bowls for preparation and cooking

Not recommended:
- Drinking tons of beer beforehand, makes taking pictures a living hell. You can also forget how to turn the flash back on.
- Wife, will nag you to death the next morning.

Step 2: Beginning the invocation

Break the eggs into a bowl. If the eggs are rotten, replace them with fresh ones. No one wants to be THAT authentic...

Then toss the meat in and add your desired seasoning. Dont be an idiot and pour the hot sauce directly from the bottle. I did. Lots of agony afterwards.

Start kneading the meat into a dough until it's all nice and smooth. Just like making a meat loaf. I didn't use breadcrumbs though.