The time of ghosts and monsters is nearing again, so this season-themed food needs to be presented.
A creepy delicacy for your Kekri/Parentalia/Samhain/Halloween table.
Be careful though, this food is HEAVY!

This is not originally my recipe -no one actually knows who invented it- but I wanted to share the knowledge.

Too bad I didn't have a picture of a more successful specimen, the one pictured above suffered the curse of Porky(explained later).

Step 1: What You Need

- At least 700g(1.5lbs.) of minced meat, less makes the thing look like genitalia(Now there's an idea!)
- Bacon strips and bacon strips and bacon strips...
- 2 eggs
- Breadcrumbs(optional)
- Salt, pepper, etc.
- A few cheddar slices(optional)
- Lots of hot sauce(optional)
- A couple of bowls for preparation and cooking

Not recommended:
- Drinking tons of beer beforehand, makes taking pictures a living hell. You can also forget how to turn the flash back on.
- Wife, will nag you to death the next morning.

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