Do you want to make a simple but scary Halloween display?  Make a scary trail with simple materials and products without breaking the bank.  We made this with sticks and simple decorations.

Step 1: Materials

For this project, You will need

• Lawn sticks (flexible posts typically green)
• Twigs
• Spider web cotton (glow in the dark)
Spirit webcaster gun
• Cable ties (preferably white)
• Black lights
• Thin deer stop grid (usually black)
• Power + splitters or extension cord
• Fog Machine + Chiller
• Carved pumpkins
• Sound effects and a way to play them - I used a iPod and some old computer speakers
• Extra decorations of your choice
• Wooden stakes
Cool display. I do my own yard and then parents, sister and inlaws. My sister's yard is small and far away. I think ill do something like this there.1 hour up and 20 minutes down.
Yeah it's pretty simple but if it's lit right, it looks awesome.
<p>Good idea for the netting/spiderweb combo! I think I'll try this!</p>
Thanks! Comment a picture if you get a chance to do it. Also, don't forget the black lights! That is what gives it the real effect.

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