Step 2:

CAREFULLY, cut the top of the bottle off, just below the threads. Next, using the Dremel tool, cut the bottom following the contours of the bottle.
This is really cool! I bookmarked it for this seasons fright house, we do a free fright house for the neighborhood this last yrs was over 800 sqft covered and an additional 400sqft graveyard, these would look so wild at the ghoul table! I wonder if a flicker bulb would show thru the shade?
Oh & by the way... Thanks for the compliment!!
I think that is AWESOME that you do a free fright house and a good sized one at that! Your neighbors are VERY lucky!! Not sure if the flicker bulb would show up or not. If I had the lamp handy I would test it out for ya but it's packed away with the Halloween stuff. I will have to try it and see when I pull my stuff out. If I pull it out before you make any, I will test it and let you know.

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