I make a lot of things with silk flowers and sometimes end up with extras.  I also end up with lots of loose leaves and naked stems. Here's a quick and easy way to turn those leftover supplies into a wreath fit for the dead.


* 12-18 assorted silk flowers

* black spray paint

* drop cloth (optional)

* 2 silk flower stems

* wire & wire cutters

* black tulle (optional)

* hot glue gun and glue sticks

Step 1: Prepare Your Flowers

Remove the flowers and leaves from the stems.  Spread them out on a drop cloth and spray paint them black.  It's ok if some of the original color shows through...it adds to the creepiness and give the flowers a little bit of depth.  (Save the stems for later...you'll be using them to make the wreath form.)
Wonderful! I especially love the add in of the red leaves. I really think that helps make the wreath pop!
Thanks so much! I liked the red too...especially since it's so dark...keeps the whole things more creepy. :)

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