Halloween Ghosts (cheap Decor)





Introduction: Halloween Ghosts (cheap Decor)

These Ghosts can be made to use one at a time, or throw in some LED lights put in some configuration like mine. Great Bang for your buck for budget decorations!

Step 1: Materials:

3 white bags per ghost

clear tape


dowels (i used various sizes so they would bend differently in the wind)

material for stuffing (i used newspaper wrapped in white printer paper)

Step 2: Shape the Head

make a ball of paper the size you want the head of your ghost to be, insert that into one bag, then layer the second bag over that . Push the dowel into the ball of paper (inside the bags) Use clear tape to tape around the "neck".

Step 3: Shape the Body

Use clear tape to make a "waist" . then cut up from the bottom of the bag to the waist to make 'ribbons'.

Step 4: Make the Arms

Cut the third bag in half length wise, then tape the two lengths together to make one long piece.

Step 5: Attach the Arms

wrap the long piece around the 'torso' of your ghost, use tape to secure the shoulders.

Step 6: Tie the Hands Together

Or make a knot for the 'hand' if you plan on placing them solo.

Step 7: (optional) Add Lights

i positioned mine in a circle, then made a "fire" and added some lights at their feet.

For 3 bags, a dowel, and some tape these are super easy to make, and are sure to impress.



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Like you instructable very much. I will be adding these ghosts to my decor. Thank you. I love easy to make, simple and inexpensive. Voted

thank you! let me know how they come out.

Very nice. This would be super creepy to find in the woods. Especially as the fire is dying out.

lol. thanks! certainly would..