Step 2: Design Cardboard or Roll

Draw evil eyes on cardboard or paper roll and cut it. Take care to use the cutter ;)
<p>Another variation is to use a &quot;throwie&quot; type LED + battery. Or a 555 or 556 timer + two LEDs for blinking lights. </p><p>Great Instructible. Wish I had started when I was 15!</p><p>https://www.instructables.com/id/LED-Throwies/</p>
Buon lavoro per la tua prima instructable! Continuare a creare! <br>Good job for your first instructable! Keep creating!
Very Clever. I'll give it a go.
Can I scare my bro with these?
i just did a variation of your idea. i spray painted the tubes black, taped off the ends with blk electrical tape, and rolled up white paper for the inside. the glow diffused through the paper for a softer effect. looks awesome! thanx!
this decoration is too easy to pass up - plus, they sell glow sticks at the dollar store!
This is a fabulous idea and so simple. I am definitely doing this with my kids this year. Great job on your first instructable..:)
Oh, that's clever! <br> <br>Imagine the fun you could have, slipping these into bushes around a camp-site... <br> <br>---------- <br> <br>Oh, questo &egrave; intelligente! <br> <br>Immaginate il divertimento si potrebbe avere, scivolando in questi cespugli intorno a un campeggio ... <br> <br><sub>(Tradotto con google)</sub>

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