This is an instrucable of how I made this graveyard full of monsters. I have used a trial version of Sketchbook Pro 6, Photoshop 7.0 and some pens and pencils I'll go into through this step by step. These are the techniques I use at the moment, I've taken bits from other tutorials I've read and kept what I liked. This is my first step by step so hope this helps.

Step 1: Starting out

Firstly I use Sketchbook pro to sketch out the layout of my pictures. It has a really good function where you can change the size of your picture really quickly which saves time by not having to draw it all again if say the head of your character is too big. If you open up a version of Sketchbook pro you start off with your blank page. I sketch out in a light blue color pencil tool so that I can print it out and go over with black without getting confused.

I quickly sketch out a character position and then select new layer and draw the next character. I do this because I can then edit the size of each character later without any disturbance to the rest of the picture. When using a new layer if your characters overlap you can lower opacity of the lower layers to help you out. The opacity is on the right side of the selected layer in the layer window. I sketched a rough background as well to get a feeling of the drawing.
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