Picture of Halloween Hanging Mobile Project
The Halloween Hanging Mobile Project was lots of fun. Hand drawn images were cut out using a Fireball V90 CNC machine as pieces of the spooky mobile.

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Step 1: Draw the images and scan them into the computer

Picture of Draw the images and scan them into the computer
Images need to be drawn and scanned into the computer. Marker was used to give nice solid lines. Try to avoid very thin sections.

Step 2: Convert the scanned images to CNC Toolpaths

Picture of Convert the scanned images to CNC Toolpaths
The images when scanned are bitmap images, these need to be converted to vectors and finally toolpaths for cutting out with the CNC machine. To do this a program called Artcam was used.

Step 3: Cut out the Art using the CNC

Cut out the work using the CNC machine.

Step 4: Paint and Assemble

Picture of Paint and Assemble
The pieces need to be painted and assembled. OSB was used here so the wood is quite water proof to begin with. The pieces are then hung using fishing line.

Here is a water resistance test that I performed before working with the OSB material.

Step 5: Hang and Enjoy

Picture of Hang and Enjoy
Hang up your art and watch as the wind makes it twirl.
agguilar3 years ago
abbtech is that a dremel bit?
abbtech (author)  agguilar3 years ago
The one I used was a single flute end mill but I think the dremel ones are the same.
sally3003 years ago
i think that is cool but what is it made of????!!!!????
abbtech (author)  sally3003 years ago
It is floor underlay.
abbtech (author)  sally3003 years ago
It was called floor underlay. It was cheap and easy for the CNC to cut.
audiomold5 years ago
 Great job! My daughter would love to do this. I dont have a cnc machine though so i guess we will have to use foam board. 
abbtech (author)  audiomold5 years ago
Thanks. Foam board would look good also!

Kiteman5 years ago
That's a nice little project.

I'm not too keen on step 4, though; Pain and Assemble?
abbtech (author)  Kiteman5 years ago
LOL, Thanks. Assembly was not a pain. :)
Excuse me, but I'm off for a cup of T.