Picture of Halloween Hearse
This is my Haloween drawing entry. I have been drawing cars since I was in second grade but I have not put any on the inernet until today.I hope to one day open my own car company that produces aerodynamic  and indivdual cars. Anyway this is how to draw the Halloween Hearse.
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Step 1: The Supplies and tips

Picture of The Supplies and tips
What you need to draw this thing is pretty straight forward.
1. A piece of paper
2. A pencil with a good eraser (This eraser part tends to disapear)
3. A mechanical pencil (for the percision lettering and darkening) (optional)

Just so you know I didn't plan this car before hand. I just rambled on and drew whatever came to mind. It still, as normal, came out really nice!

Step 2: Windsheild

Picture of Windsheild
Beleive it or not the way I start drawing a car is the windsheild. Through this part I can determine the width height and overall look of the "eyes" of the car.

Step 3: The hood

Picture of The hood
Next draw the hood. It is made by slightly slanted lines because of the angle the hearse will be sitting at. The front of the hood is slanted at about the same angle as the windsheild. The downward pointing lines show aproximately where the corners of the hearse will be.

Step 4: Roof Line and Front of Hearse

Picture of Roof Line and Front of Hearse
The roof line goes straight across. The front end of the hearse is formed by a line that is curved like the windsheild but much larger.

Step 5: The Wheel Well and Bottom Line

Picture of The Wheel Well and Bottom Line
Next the front wheel well. This is made at the same angle as the hood line and the wheel well is an oval-like shape in that area.

Step 6: Back Wheel Well and the Rear

Picture of Back Wheel Well and the Rear
The rear wheel well should be at the same angle and shape as the fiont one, the difference is that the rear should be slightly smaller. The rear slightly curves up and into the roof line maintaining a great aerodynamic shape.
Austydude9 months ago
JonnyBGood (author)  Austydude8 months ago
Well thanks! It comes from years of practice and a love of cars. If you like this one check out my forum topics in the art section first semester cars and second semester cars.
JonnyBGood (author) 2 years ago
Please Vote.
JonnyBGood (author)  PotatoCoffee2 years ago
Yep, thank you, and the pikachu thanks you. I dropped a vote for the zombie Pikachu. He may be the one recovering next.....
Lol, BTW I can't find your entry in the contest!
JonnyBGood (author)  PotatoCoffee2 years ago
Yeah... aparently this isn't Halloweeny enough for the contest......... Welllll guess I'll draw a more halloween like car tommorow. But thanks anyway
Machine gun car not Halloweeny.
JonnyBGood (author)  PotatoCoffee2 years ago
Yep, Guarantee next one will make it or bust
Nice! Thats a pretty sweet car!
JonnyBGood (author)  PotatoCoffee2 years ago
Thandks! I love drawiing cars.
You should enter this in a contest!
JonnyBGood (author)  PotatoCoffee2 years ago
I did, its not in yet though. Its should be in the halloween draw and paint contest soon. Please vote for it!
Sure I will!