Introduction: Halloween Homemade Costume and Face Make-up

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This is the final result. Enjoy the making!!!

Step 1: Costume

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That's how the dress looked like before. I bought it in a charity shop.
Fake blood, black make-up to give it the dirty look.

Step 2: Face Make-up

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Black make-up over white primer.
I have made the scar with both glue and toilet paper that you glue overa clean surface, repeat few times the same process, then tear off in different spots. Then, put some black/brown make-up, and finish with fake blood.

Step 3: Accessorise

I have bought a nurse hat, white boots and a stethoscope to accessorise. I have decided to use only one Red coloured eye lense. I thought the effect was better.


dufus2506 (author)2016-10-12

It's Nurse-feratu!

Jotky (author)dufus25062016-10-12

lol. That's exactly what my brother would say. Thank you!!!

DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2016-10-12

Great costume. I like the one red eye look.

Thank you. Last year, I have used the white ones, both. And I thought one would look better.

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