Step 2: LED rope necklaces

Picture of LED rope necklaces
These are the LED rope light necklaces. They are the kind that street vendors sell to kids at bonfire parties or street festivals (mardi gras?) for a couple of quid (3-5 USD). I guess there are many kinds, but the kind I found run of 3 x 1.5V button batteries, and are controlled by an electronic push button on/off switch.

you can buy them here in the uk

here in the US
multicolor tube necklace

AncientWays7 years ago
Super cool intructable...I got sucked in because being a jellyfish would be great...but now would like to know if these neckaces coul dbe used for another project...LED hula hoop? To do this, my question would be, "Do you think the necklaces could be strung end to end and still work?" Thank you in advance.
deadinsect (author)  AncientWays7 years ago
yes they can, - they have an interlocking plastic joint - where the end of one can go into the top of another.... BUT .. you would need some way of getting power to each individual necklace top.... unless you run them off the standard batteries... which is ok too, probably... ant
deadinsect (author) 7 years ago
hi, sorry that was the wrong link. this is right one
here for the flashy necklaces
so jazzed about being a jellyfish! my dreams come true...but i'm having a hard time finding these from that US website. is that the right spot? thx!