Halloween Labels for Bottles (and More)





Introduction: Halloween Labels for Bottles (and More)

This is a fun, cheap and easy way to decorate for Halloween.  These labels add a touch of old world creepiness to your liquor bottles or other drinks for a party.  Or you can use them to set up a Mad Scientist Lab as part of your Halloween decor, or put them on things other than bottles (see the last page for more ideas, and if you think of others, let me know in the comments!)

If you're looking for other Halloween decorating ideas, check out my blog at www.dabbled.org


Step 1: Materials

The key to this project is embossed foil stickers, which are used in scrapbooking.
I found a sheet of 6 at the local dollar store.

These are shiny silver foil, and sticky on the back.  (if your local Dollar Tree doesn't have them, try a craft store or anywhere scrapbooking supplies are sold)

Other supplies needed: 
Matte black spray paint
Brown/rust spray paint (optional)

Bottles / Jars with labels removed.  Flat fronted will work better than rounded, so think square bottles rather than cylindrical. (either recycled, or if you want to label liquor bottle with the liquor still in them, just peel off the front label.)
...or whatever else you'd like to stick your labels to!

Step 2: Prepare Your Labels and Apply

Spray labels lightly with a spattering of black & rust spray paint for an aged/rusted look (optional).  Let dry.

Spray with a heavier coat of black paint, making sure the black gets in the cracks.  Then wipe the high parts off with a paper towel while still wet to reveal some of the silver.  Play around with this, it's somewhat trial and error, until you get the look you want. 

When you have a good look, let dry thoroughly, then apply to a flat spot on your bottles. 

If you don't have a flat spot on some of your bottles, consider making a chain with a tag to go around the bottle's neck (a homemade version of something like this: decanter/bottle label), and apply to that instead.  This is a nice touch as you can then remove and reuse easily.

Step 3: Prepare & Affix Paper Labels

Now you need to add the words!  Names of Poisons, things you'd find in a witches brew, whatever you think would be appropriate for what you're labeling.  For example, the Amaretto bottle, labeled as Cyanide, I think is a nice touch.  Here is a List of fictional toxins, too ... Iocane, anyone?

Measure the dimensions of the center of your foil label to determine how much space you have for the words.  Then prepare your paper insets.

For these I picked some creepy gothic and horror fonts and just printed out what I wanted, in different sizes, so I didn't have to measure too specifically, on my printer.  Here are some good fonts to consider, look for the free ones here - Medieval or here Horror

You can, of course, hand-write your labels if you prefer.

Cut the paper labels out to the appropriate size, and glue on using white glue or decoupage glue.  I also put a coat of glue on top of the paper.

Hint:  To get close to the size you need, press the paper on top of the foil so that you make an impression on the paper.  Then cut out slightly inside your impression.  This is also a good way to make sure your text will fit.  I printed several sizes of the same words, and would try different ones on different shaped labels. (see photo 2)

Step 4: Enjoy Your Spooky Bottles..ideas for Use!

Ideas for use...

Set up your bar for your halloween party, as suggested here, or...

Create an Evil Mad Scientist lab or a Witch's Kitchen, with jars of things that look creepy:
-A cauliflower in a fishbowl can double as a human brain, white grapes in a jar of red food coloring give an eyeball impression.. be creative with vegetables. 
-Toy snakes and frogs and such in jars of water tinted with food coloring.
-Halloween head in a jar.

Or even use your labels on things other than jars... affix to folded cardstock to make place cards for dinner or to label food on a halloween buffet. 



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    Just awesome thanks.

    Finally found a store that still had these. Thanks for this idea! Here are the first ones I made.

    home life 011.jpg

    They look awesome! where did you end up finding stickers, for future reference?

    I found them in Dollar Tree after all. They were near the school supplies in mine.

    Just wondering - what if one took an x-acto knife and cut the back of the sticker out? Then the label could be glued to the bottle and the sticker applied over that. It might make a good effect.

    I think I am going to try these on my specimen jars. "Donovan's Brain".

    I give this craft a "Bloody Brilliant!"