This is a fun, cheap and easy way to decorate for Halloween.  These labels add a touch of old world creepiness to your liquor bottles or other drinks for a party.  Or you can use them to set up a Mad Scientist Lab as part of your Halloween decor, or put them on things other than bottles (see the last page for more ideas, and if you think of others, let me know in the comments!)

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Step 1: Materials

The key to this project is embossed foil stickers, which are used in scrapbooking.
I found a sheet of 6 at the local dollar store.

These are shiny silver foil, and sticky on the back.  (if your local Dollar Tree doesn't have them, try a craft store or anywhere scrapbooking supplies are sold)

Other supplies needed: 
Matte black spray paint
Brown/rust spray paint (optional)

Bottles / Jars with labels removed.  Flat fronted will work better than rounded, so think square bottles rather than cylindrical. (either recycled, or if you want to label liquor bottle with the liquor still in them, just peel off the front label.)
...or whatever else you'd like to stick your labels to!

This is E.P.I.C. for: <br>E xcelent <br>P leasent <br>I ncredible <br>C ool/N/awesome
Just awesome thanks.
Finally found a store that still had these. Thanks for this idea! Here are the first ones I made.
They look awesome! where did you end up finding stickers, for future reference?
I found them in Dollar Tree after all. They were near the school supplies in mine.
Just wondering - what if one took an x-acto knife and cut the back of the sticker out? Then the label could be glued to the bottle and the sticker applied over that. It might make a good effect.<br>
Excellent idea!
I think I am going to try these on my specimen jars. &quot;Donovan's Brain&quot;.
I&nbsp;give this craft a &quot;Bloody&nbsp;Brilliant!&quot;
I have a massive collection of bottles (ever growing...), and I'm always looking for some way to creatively, prettily, but eerily label them.. And I think you just solved that for me. I love you. (in a totally platonic-instructables sort of way. &lt;3)<br />
Very nice!&nbsp; Better for smaller bottles too, which are hard to find pre-printed labels for that will fit.<br /> Tea or coffee staining the labels would be another option to age them.<br /> Great job!!&nbsp; I can definitely use this idea!&nbsp; Thanks!!<br />
I'd suggest a little yellow ochre watercolor over the top of the paper to age it. <br />
excellent idea.&nbsp; Also printing the labels on yellowish parchment would work nicely too.<br />
Label suggestion:<br /> <br /> <em>Bad Acid</em><br /> <br /> L<br />
Abby someone. Abby Who? Abby Normal. ABBY NORMAL! lol<br />

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