This is a prop built for my daughters haunted house at her school. We used styrofoam to create the mausoleum.

Step 1: Materials & Tools


2 x 8 Blue Styrofoam for side pillars
4 x 8 Styrofoam for Capstone
Latex Paint
Black Acrylic Craft Paint
Foam Adhesive
Decorative Moulding


Dremel Tool with Router Attachment
Hot Wire Foam Cutter

<p> Nice work! Do they survive from year to year? I'm always afraid I'll put a lot of work into it and they'll be ruined by the following year. Guess I need to be a little more lady like when it comes to putting the props away!! LOL!</p>
This is awesome! <br>How did you hang it on your door/front porch?
Great work. We also do a Haunted House each year. Last year had 450-500 trick or treaters come through. It's all outdoors wrapped around trees and such. We've always used a wooden Mausoleum front which we had to retire last year. This new much lighter weight version could be just what we need. One question - how did you attach to your door frame?
This looks like a great project to distract me from my midterms! Great work!
Awesome! Just happened to find this. Great job. Mind if I borrow this idea? my kids would love this in the house this halloween.
wow ver y nice i wonder if i could use pvc and foam and make a mauslim thats full size
great idea! i can make a smaller version to place infront of the arbor at the entrance to the back yard.
wow this looks great. I make a haunted house every year an my front and back yard. I think I will have to try this this year for the doorway to a crypt great job!!!
Thank you. I just looked at the big sheets of blue board in my attic and was wondering what i am going to create this year. I think a broken obelisk. Let me know what you end up making..... Bryan
where did you find the 4 x 8 sheet of styrofoam?
It's called Dow Blue Foam. I found it at Allied Building supplies in Fullerton, CA. You should be able to find it at any Home building supplies company.
where do u get thos skulls
my friend got a rubber skull at universal studios :P
wow this looks great i live in australia were no one serbrates halloween so its not really any use to me but great work

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