Introduction: Melon Brains

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Even vegetarian zombies crave these brains!

Step 1: Supplies

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  • 1 small seedless watermelon
  • Vegetable peeler
  • Paring knife
  • Large knife

Step 2: Skin Your Melon

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  • Slice off bottom of watermelon so it won't roll around.
  • Peel green skin off of the watermelon.
  • Score brainy folds in white flesh.

Step 3: Carve Brain Channels

Picture of Carve Brain Channels

With a sharp paring knife, carve channels out of melon to resemble cortical folds

Step 4: Devour

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Simply Living (author)2011-10-26

Brilliant... and Healthy! I love it so much that I have linked you over at

Ooh, awesome! Thank you!

dlindstrom (author)2011-10-27

This is so awesome and easy; I did this one this morning in about 15 mins. Not as detailed but will work great for our spooky food potluck today. The veggie peeler worked great after making the first nick with a paring knife. I scored the slice around the top to make for a clean cut to expose the brain matter.

scoochmaroo (author)dlindstrom2011-10-27

Love it!

michamtl (author)2011-10-22

Served in a cooler, just like on Grey's Anatomy ...

scoochmaroo (author)michamtl2011-10-22

Looks great!

bryenton (author)2010-10-26

This was such a fun idea for our pot luck scary snacks at work! Thanks!

chixi96 (author)bryenton2011-01-30

wow......awsome for haloween huh

c_takahashi (author)2009-11-01

It has been done, as accurately as my psychology textbook would have it be done.

tyghe (author)2009-11-01

My variant was a lobotomized watermelon jack o' lantern, with vodka for brains. To keep it upright I cobbled together a stand with duct tape, a small box and orange decorative beer cases. After the vodka was properly infused (with lots of help from internal lacerations—straightforward infusing can take up to a week!), we all ate from the bottom up. Poor soused jack o' lantern didn't know what hit him. 

It was a total hit. Thanks for the inspiration!

aglaranna (author)2008-10-31

Here are pictures of mine!!

scoochmaroo (author)aglaranna2009-03-16


whitehawk (author)2008-12-18

I did it! It took a lot less time than I'd expected - about 40 minutes. Also, a vege peeler worked fine - I'd expected to have to peel it with a knife. here's a pic of my achievement :) ...

scoochmaroo (author)whitehawk2008-12-22

Congratulations! What was the ocassion?

whitehawk (author)scoochmaroo2008-12-22

Halloween ... we don't really celebrate it in Australia, but a friend was having a halloween party for the kids, so of course this Instructable leapt to mind! Many thanks!

lemondedis (author)2016-07-10

this is too fun! thanks for sharing ;)

lynmiller (author)2015-09-16

EEEEEEEW! That is so cool!

jghoulia (author)2012-10-11

We recently attempted this at my work. Here's a video highlighting the tips and troubles we came across..overall, a successful fun project!

knexboy586 (author)2012-05-25

tonifgt weare zombie so we eat melon brai8ns ! 5*

depotdevoid (author)2012-05-21

Thanks Scoochmaroo, here's a picture of my brain!

jiajunwang281 (author)2011-10-11

creepy but creative! well done

SinAmos (author)2011-07-26

Totally love it!

beth1322 (author)2010-11-29

This is totally epic. As a vegan zombie I approve.

csda7 (author)2009-03-09

Does ANYONE know if you can make this as a vodka infused watermelon brain? please send me a message! Thanks

marcintosh (author)csda72009-10-30

 Vodak?  Rumski? yeah we got that - 
#1 Procure tasty beverage of choice.  (Not effervescent though)
#2 Cut hole the diameter of the neck of the bottle and about 3/4 the length of the neck deep(+, -).
#3 CLEAN the neck of the bottle (Yeah, I know kinda sissy but you never know where it's been before you bought it *shudder*)
#4 Remove the cap.
#5 upend the bottle INTO the HOLE (not your ice filled glass).
#6 begin to pump (gently) the bottle in and out of the melon OR you could wait all stinkin' night- your choice.  Pumping does the job in about 30 minutes.
#7 Return to the excellent instructions for the Brainy Melon to finish the job
AS A NOTE- I'd put the bottle hole on the bottlom OR (get this) figure out what to use as a spinal cord to stand it on. 8-D
NOTE #2- After Booze Treatment ALL parts of the melon are delicious (burp)
NOTE #3 - DO NOT CONSUME AND DRIVE  It's very easy to over do it with this

unabrow (author)marcintosh2010-11-11

A stack white or ivory cups can make a half decent spinal substitute and if you put something like a grape or an ice cube in the bottoms between each cup they are easier to pull apart (without disturbing the others) and makes them more like spine bones. just a thought.

scoochmaroo (author)csda72009-03-16

I don't see why not!

csda7 (author)scoochmaroo2009-03-16

I am thinking that it is a no b/c of the way you have to infuse a regular watermelon with vodka. :/

rommel543 (author)csda72009-10-08

The side that you cork the melon and stick the bottle into you can cut off and put onto the bottom.  When you make your melon brain you could then put into a shallow bowl with flavored/coloured vodka.   Maybe add a few eye balls floating around  while you're at it. 

scoochmaroo (author)csda72009-03-16

Maybe do the infusion first, let it sit a day/week/whatever, then carve into it. You will still lose some "juices" though. Maybe try a cantaloupe? Perhaps it would retain it's liquid better. When it comes to alcoholizing food, I think it's always worth a try. In the name of science!

csda7 (author)scoochmaroo2009-03-16

Oh but of course... only in the name of science!!!

(seabear) (author)csda72009-08-29

get a bottle of any alcoholic beverage, a syringe and a brain!

Sassy Cat (author)2010-10-24

My daughter made this for a Halloween party this weekend, and it was awesome. Everyone loved it. Amazing idea!!!!!! Love

rtysantos (author)2010-10-14

Very cool. Looks a bit like Darth Vader's head when Luke takes the mask of at the end of Return of the Jedi.

caitlinsdad (author)2008-10-19

You might need some syrupy ooze to really gross out. A flickering jack-o-lantern LED candle placed inside will make it glow.

fenris (author)caitlinsdad2010-10-09

to caitlinsdad: Yay! Do that! -
tp the author: Duuude! Waay Coool!

ducktape100 (author)2010-10-08

cool I am going to do one

danny6114 (author)2010-10-08

Pickled Watermelon rind

Madrigorne (author)2010-10-08

I am so making one of these - and displaying it inside of a jackolantern!

janettetsmith (author)2010-10-07

This is great!

Erissed1 (author)2010-10-07

It's a delicious idea and also it would look terrorific in the table (perfect for halloween)... mmm ... maybe a zombie would love it much more XD.

andrezor (author)2010-09-13

wow great idea!

cyc4015 (author)2008-10-20

that's pretty cool, although you need to be careful about the white part, if you eat it you'll get sick, also it might be cool if you cut all the way through the scores and made it jigsaw-esque, so that you could take out hunks of brain to eat. i teally like the idea though it's awesome

jeff-o (author)cyc40152008-10-20

I'd like a reference for that. Since when does eating the white part make you sick? Sure, it's hard and tasteless, but that's about all.

mdeblasi1 (author)jeff-o2010-09-12

The white part of the watermelon is equivalent to the peach part of a cantaloupe, the part that you do eat. The pink part of the watermelon is the equivalent of the stringy part of the cantaloupe, the part that you throw away, (it is called the placental tissue). For something like a zucchini or a cucumber, you eat both the meat and the placental tissue.
Depending on the variety, the cucurbits store their tasty in different parts of the fruit.

cyc4015 (author)jeff-o2008-10-20

maybe an old wives tale, but my mum has always warned us that the white part will give you the runs,

hernanai (author)cyc40152008-10-20

good to know... I'll let my grandma know... lol...

jeff-o (author)hernanai2008-10-21

I'm not saying it's wrong, just that it's not necessarily true. ;) It could give you the runs because it's packed with water and fiber...

xwx (author)jeff-o2008-10-21

I had a friend many years back who ate the white part if the white part makes you sick than he musthave been sick alot >_

RedneckAsian (author)xwx2009-10-26

I saw on food network all parts are edible but not nessecarily tasty

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