Introduction: Halloween Mini String Lights Ghost Lanterns

Picture of Halloween Mini String Lights Ghost Lanterns

Halloween is coming and we are excited to share our Halloween Mini String Lights Ghost Lanterns!

Step 1: Materials:

Prepare your materials:

Mini-String Lights Paper Lantern in White

Black Tissue Paper



Baker's Twine

Lace Cloth

Step 2: Assemble Your Paper Lanterns

Assemble Your Paper Lanterns Accordingly!

(dont know how? Watch this!)

Step 3: Measure How Much Lace Cloth Is Needed

Step 4: Wrap the Lace Cloth Around the Lantern and Secure It With Bakers Twine

Step 5: Create the Eyes Using Black Tissue Paper

Step 6: Glue the Eyes

Step 7: Watch This Video for More Details


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