Halloween Octopus Sea Monsters


Introduction: Halloween Octopus Sea Monsters

This is something really easy to do, and the kids can help to do it- These are octopii ( Sp ? ) are made from uncooked spaghetti, and hot dogs-

Step 1:

Step 2: Material

Step 3: Construction

Cut  your dogs into pieces, about 1 inch long, and insert uncooked spaghetti strands ( 4 strands, so there are 8 legs, 4 to a side )
through the pieces lengthwise. Then cook until the spaghetti is done, about 9 minutes., and serve. Tomato sauce makes it even more tasty and looks good too



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    I have to try this! It's great! Thanks for sharing!

    I tried making this once and it looked great, but the spaghetti inside the hot dogs was still hard when the rest was ready to come out of the boiling water. My kids didn't not like that so I've never tried again. Did you have this problem?

    The Noodly Lord will be surely delighted for your recipe.

    All praises to the Saucy Flying Spaghetti Monster!