Introduction: Halloween Party Hat

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Halloween is at the corner! So everyone would be busy in planning here Halloween costumes.So do you wanna look awesome with an amazing handmade Halloween party hat?

If yes, then Lets start making our own Halloween party hat

Step 1: Gather Up the Materials

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Things you will need:

· A black chart paper

· Orange glace paper/chart paper

· Hole Puncher

· Compass

· Scissors

· Pencil

· Glue

Time needed:30 minutes

Step 2: Draw and Cut a Circle

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Take a black chart paper and draw a circle, using a compass, taking a large radius (larger the radius, bigger the cone of hat will be)

Now, cut the drawn circle

Step 3: Make a Cone

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Fold the circle into two equal parts.Then, hold it from middle of the top and make a cone. When you reach at the end of the cone, apply glue and paste it (as shown in the picture)

Step 4:

Picture of

This is how your cone will look

Step 5: Make Small Cuts

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Make small cuts at the bottom using scissors. This will help in the easy pasting of cone to the base of hat

Step 6: Make a Hollow

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Again,draw a circle on the chart paper and cut it .Now keep the cone in the center of circle mark two points (one top and other at the bottom of the base of cone).Now, keep the cone the aside and with the help of compass draw a circle in the middle with of help of drawn points (assuming the size of the base of the cone). Now cut the circle drawn in the middle with the help of a cutter/scissors.

Step 7: Paste the Cone

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Apply glue on the base of cone and paste it to the circle with hollow in the middle.

Step 8: Paste the Orange Strip

Picture of Paste the Orange Strip

Cut a Long strip from orange glace/chart paper and paste it near the base of cone.

Step 9: Design Your Hat

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Take a Hole puncher and punch the orange glace paper.After punching,collect the little circles.Now make a design with glue on the base of hat and ten,paste the little circles on it.

Step 10: Cut and Paste Small Orange Circles

Picture of Cut and Paste Small Orange Circles

Draw circles on orange paper and cut them,Now,paste them near the base of cone. Use your creativity for decorating the base.

Step 11: Your Halloween Party Hat Is Ready !

Picture of Your Halloween Party Hat Is Ready !

So your Awesome Halloween Party Hat is ready to be on the top of your head.

Happy Halloween !!


22Princess (author)2015-09-28

I tried it,its amazing!!

Thanks for sharing

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Your Welcome

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Nice hats

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GursimarK (author)2015-09-28

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