This is a Halloween Project we did in Art Class to prepare for Halloween.


  1. White Construction Paper
  2. Any 2 watercolors (Not Black or yellow)
  3. Paint Brush
  4. Water
  5. Yellow Pastel
  6. Black Pastel
  7. Pencil

Step 1: Step 1

Use your 2 watercolors you have chosen to make a nice mix between the colors. Then let it completely dry.

Step 2: Step 2

When your watercolors are dry, softly draw with a pencil everything you want to have in your picture. You can add Graves, Trees, Bats, Moon, Ghost, House with a window or door, or anything else you want to add.

Step 3: Step 3

The Majority of your project will be black, so to reduce smeers, start with yellow. You will only want a limited amount so that the main focus is on the black. After you are done drawing with the yellow, do the Black.

Step 4: Step 4

After all space on the paper is filled with Pastels or paint, you are done! GOOD JOB!

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<p>Great paintings. If you have any pictures of the assembly process, we would love to see them.</p>
Ok, I will try to get some pictures for you as soon as possible. :)

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