Welcome to My Halloween Photo Editing Tutorial, Hope you will enjoy editing your own photo. Enjoy!

Step 1: Images Used for Editing

Step 01

Identify the reference images and your photo, Here I have googled few image as reference.
<p>wow </p>
<p>wow.that's picture is cool</p>
<p>How to do it?</p>
its very nice :) but i dont know how to make it
how to create ???? plss .. help!!
i want to learn how to make like that !!
how to create?? i dont know :( <br>
how to make this ? <br>
Before and After
This is absolutely fabulous! Keep up the great work!
awesome.. and very neatly described tutorial
Let me know how you feel about this beginner tutorial... Soon I will post next level of creature design tutorial here....

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