Halloween Project "Cobweb"





Introduction: Halloween Project "Cobweb"

Step 1: Draft

Draw cobweb

Step 2: Glue

Glue draw ;)

Step 3: Take Off

slowly !!!

Step 4: Finish

Happy Halloween



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    Great idea. What background material did you draw and hot glue on to ? Why did it not stick to the back ground and peel off with out breaking? Did you use Pam?

    Cold and hard It's a clear hot glue!

    Aww, no talking in the video?

    Actually, I think you could get a huge plastic tablecloth and just hot glue a starburst shape on it, (the basic crossed lines of a web) and allow them to dry/harden. Start with one vertical, then one horizontal and so on and you won't even have to draw the design first. After the glue is dried, just start in the middle and hot-glue the ever-widening spiral. (I imagine having the lines dry would make it easier to crawl over it while you do the rest, so it doesn't stick to YOU!) I doubt the hot glue would stick permanently to a plastic tablecloth, and, after testing a small spot if you find it does, you could spray cooking spray on it first. No need to draw the entire web (what a chore!) that way. Plus, you could make it as large as your tablecloth (Dollar store!) As an afterthought, what if you used the heavy duty plastic tablecloth with the white fuzzy fabric on the back and used that side? Then you'd want the glue to stick and when you peeled off the finished web, it would have white fuzz on it. That might be cool too. Just thinking out loud...

    that must have taken so long to do. very nice.

    2 h :)

    What is that your putting the hot glue on? It looks like marble but I can't imagine somebody drawing on a marble counter with marker and then hot glue... It would probably be easier to remove then any other surface I guess...

    i believe its plywood, because hes doing it on the floor.