Step 13: Admire Your Work!

This is the best picture that I could get. Young squirmy puppies are not the best subject to photograph.We did lose the hat during the photo shoot because I didn't sew it down.

Have fun making this costume for your pup!
I want it for my dog
<p>This is great. Simple and doesn't obstruct the dog. Perfect for a laugh, creative, and lets you avoid the ire of those who think dressing dog up is akin to eating them.</p>
You should make a Clifford the big red dog and Emily Elizabeth for little kids!
hahahahahahah Soooooo cute! hahahahahahahahahahaha.
Thanks for posting this instructable ! I Love it ! We have a Jack Russell terrier i was thinking how easy it would be to get our 3 year old Grandson to walk him if the dog was wearing something like this! I think he'd jump at the chance !
That's the best dog costume I have ever seen. Great job!
Thanks! I had fun making it!
This is great :)
I'm going to send this to my brother. His Pitbull/Grayhound mix already looks like a horse :)
Hilarious!!! I love it.
That is so adorable!
haha, awesome!

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