What better way to celebrate Halloween than with delicious Rice Krispie Treats covered in Jell-O flavored Marshmallow Fondant!  Check out how to make these adorable pumpkins, ghosts, skulls and kitty cats.

Step 1: Supplies

It doesn't really very, but here is what you need.

  • Rice Krispie Treat = Rice Krispies Butter Marshamllows
  • Marshmallow Fondant (MMF) = Marshmallows Water Powdered Sugar (optional jell-o for color and flavoring)
  • Corn Syrup for "glue"
  • Food coloring (What I used: black for cats and decorations for skulls, ghosts, and pumpkins; orange for pumpkins; green for pumpkin decorations) (You can use liquid or gel coloring.  If you use liquid, I usually use that as a substitute for some of my water when I melt the marshmallows.)
  • Crisco or Non Stick Spray (I use the spray) - to put on your hands while working with the rice krispie mix.  It helps stop the marshmellowy mess from completely covering your hands.
  • Pot for making Rice Krispie Mix
  • Bowl for Rice Krispie Mix (if you leave it in the metal pot it will stick like crazy, I use nonstick spray on a glass or plastic bowl and transfer the mix while I'm shaping my treats)
  • Silpat Mat or Similar Alternative (like usual, these are AWESOME when working with MMF)
  • Halloween Cookie Cutters (I got these because there was a variety of shapes in one package and they were smaller than what I usually use; it seems like all my holiday rice krispie treats have been getting too big, these are perfect for personal sized snacks.)
  • Pizza Cutter - everyone has one of these, but it is really nice to have for cutting strips with fondant
  • Piping tips or something similar you can use to cut out small circles - I've used these for various decorating projects and they are just nice to have :)
can you make them with anything else instead of jello because I am Irish and we don't have jello here?!
<p>Sorry for the 2 year delay in replying :( Yes, just leave the jello out and it will be plan marshmallow, or you can use an extract (like vanilla, or lemon, or raspberry) to flavor it.</p>
I make speciality cakes on the side. I've tried every kind of foundant recipe possible. This one is the best I've ever tried. U have made my cake decorating a lot better. Not to mention the taste of them. This is the best foundant ever
Yum!!!! So cute! The only thing that would be a pain is the fondant..but worth it I'm sure....they look so good!
Yum these look adorable!
They are so cute--Love to see how you use your fabulous fondant! :)
Thank you :)

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