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Introduction: Halloween Russian Doll Fruit Carving!

About: I am interested in the boundaries between engineering and art, with a slightly eco/nature vibe.

You get a load of fruits of different sizes that fit inside each other like russian dolls, and you carve them like pumpkins. They look really cute when they're all lined up, and it's a quick easy fun project that anyone can do.

Step 1: Procurement

Go to the supermarket and buy the fruit. We used, in order of descending size:


check the sizes, and try to get quite round fruit. e.g. rummage around for a -round- lemon.

Step 2: Gutting

cut all the fruit in half, and then gut it.
the citrus fruits are the hardest, because you need to leave enough skin on the inside to maintain structural integrity.

check they all fit - perfect!

Step 3: Facial Features

carve eyes in the top of each half. and a mouth into the bottom of each half. At this point, you should check the fit of the fruit inside each other again, so that you know that everything lines up.

we used a tim burton-esque style for the eyes, but you can do whatever you want.

Step 4: Spark 'em Up

that's it!
to get the candle in the lime to stay lit, you need to make another airhole somewhere, and use a half a tea-light (shave the tea light's sides to reduce it's cross sectional area through the vertical axis).


here's a slideshow



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    XD this is way too cute. I think my fav is the pomegranate

    everyone loves the lime! next time round, I want to do a kumquatkumquat too, with a tiny mini shaved down tea light candle in it...

    These are "Matryoshka dolls"--my wife's family is Russian, and we have a few.

    Wikipedia says:

    Matryoshka is a derivative of the Russian female first name "Matryona", which is traditionally associated with a corpulent, robust, rustic Russian woman.

    But my wife says it's a traditional russian name for grandmother...

    2 replies

    thanks for the tip - I had no idea how to spell that...!

    Oh, and it's a cool project!

    Blast, you beat me to the punch! Great documentation.

    1 reply

    thanks dude! it's all about the slideshow.

    That's an awesome idea! I give you a round of applause! applaud

    This is awesome! You should add it to the DIY Halloween contest.

    Brilliant concept!

    Awesome! i'll have to try that some time. Great idea and instructable!