Picture of Halloween Severed Hand Bird Feeder
Halloween is a great time of year to get creative in the garden. Why not have a go at making this Severed Hand bird feeder for your garden birds.

What You Need:

Novelty Halloween Plastic Severed Hand (£1 from Tesco)

Tools Required:

Drill, Scissors or Stanley Knife

Step 1: Collect Your Materials

Picture of Collect Your Materials
I found the plastic novelty Halloween severed hand for £1 at Tesco. I already had the string and BBQ skewer (not shown) left over from another project.

poofrabbit1 year ago
This is so creative! Great idea!
You could have red string as veins coming out of the bloody end and hang fat balls on them...
mnmama1 year ago
Handing out treats for the birds? Neat idea. (sorry 'bout the pun, couldn't help my self)
Awesome for Halloween and practical :)