Picture of Halloween Sign
Quick and easy halloween sign. All you need is 1 sheet foam board, measuring tape, duct tape, utility or hobby knife, and a string of orange lights. Cost: roughly $7.00
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Step 1: Gather Your Stuff

Picture of Gather Your Stuff
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Measure out half of your sheet width wise. And cut. Set one piece aside.

Step 2: Design

Picture of Design
Draw out your design. Then very carefully cut it out.

Step 3: Assembly

Picture of Assembly
Place your cut piece face down. Then duct tape the lights to the back of your sign.

Step 4: Finishing Up

Picture of Finishing Up
Duct tape or make a box with your foam board. My sign is not done, I would recommend painting the front of your sign black or dark grey. Whatever you choose. It's your sign, so make it your own.
Great to see people getting ready for my favorite holiday already! Great work! ;)