Picture of Silhouette Projector

Use a mirror to make a Halloween silhouette projector. The image on my front door is about 15" wide. I was able to get a 10' projection by using a 12" mirror and increasing the distance between the mirror and the side of my house. Happy Halloween.
ehudwill3 years ago
I like this one. I have some larger mirrors that I could use in this way. Thanks for the idea.
Mrballeng (author)  ehudwill3 years ago
Larger mirrors work better. Kids love to be involved too.
black hole3 years ago
You've got my vote.
Merry Xmas.!
Great! That should spook some trick-or-treaters.

My dad used to do something like this for Christmas, back in the 60s. He used a spotlight. The projected image covered a good 8-10 feet on the side of the house, if I remember right. Very effective.
St Jimmy3 years ago
Very clever! This could also be used to make 3-dimensional designs on walls and suchlike. Definitely useful for bedroom/halloween decoration!
Sweet idea! So simple and gives me an idea for Christmas decoration too. Use a garden solar light hacked to provide the light and it could be used year round with different images with no battery replacement!