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Use a mirror to make a Halloween silhouette projector. The image on my front door is about 15" wide. I was able to get a 10' projection by using a 12" mirror and increasing the distance between the mirror and the side of my house. Happy Halloween.



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    I like this one. I have some larger mirrors that I could use in this way. Thanks for the idea.

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    Larger mirrors work better. Kids love to be involved too.

    Great! That should spook some trick-or-treaters.

    My dad used to do something like this for Christmas, back in the 60s. He used a spotlight. The projected image covered a good 8-10 feet on the side of the house, if I remember right. Very effective.

    Very clever! This could also be used to make 3-dimensional designs on walls and suchlike. Definitely useful for bedroom/halloween decoration!

    Sweet idea! So simple and gives me an idea for Christmas decoration too. Use a garden solar light hacked to provide the light and it could be used year round with different images with no battery replacement!