Gourmet chocolate skulls; an irresistible Halloween treat.

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Halloween has always been my favorite holiday, but when it comes to dessert, my tastes have matured towards the gourmet. I wanted to create a Halloween treat for adults. Something not to be gobbled, but savored. As a kid, I thought shelled walnuts looked like tiny little brains. This gave me an idea: What if I coated them with candy for Halloween? I envisioned eating handfuls of tiny candy brains…laughing maniacally. That could be fun, but if they were placed in miniature edible skulls, it would really put them over the top. If those skulls were white chocolate… Well, now we’re talking!

I just needed a way to make the skulls. Sculpting each one with modeling chocolate would quickly become tedious, so making some sort of mold seemed like the obvious solution. Besides, modeling chocolate isn’t exactly the best tasting stuff on the planet. Perhaps it would be worthwhile to make them into some sort of crazy truffle. A white chocolate shell with a surprise bittersweet center sounded tasty.

The trouble with skulls is they’re quite complex with lots of nooks and crannies and undercuts. To do a somewhat realistic version would normally require sophisticated (i.e. expensive) multi-part molds. Luckily, I recently learned there are several companies that sell food grade silicone mold materials. The extreme elasticity of silicone made it the perfect choice for this project. I could use a one part mold and still get all the detail I wanted.

I ordered the silicone from MakeYourOwnMolds.com I Plan to try the silicone Plastique in the future, an easy to use 2 part putty, when I have a less ambitious shape to mold. This time, I got the CopyFlex 2-part liquid silicone set with platinum. It’s a bit expensive, costing me around $30 for enough material to cast a 4 skull mold. But the mold is pretty durable and reusable.

Step 1:

Ceramic bowl (2)
Chocolate thermometer
Cookie sheet
Double boiler
Hot Glue gun & hot glue
Kitchen knife
Melon baller
Parchment Paper or silpat
Stainless steel mixing bowl (2)
Truffle fork

Polymer clay (4 oz)
Strong Double-sided tape or Carpet tape
Masking tape
Disposable brushes
Acrylic/plegixglass sheet
Food Grade Silicone rubber
rice or tapioca pearls (16 oz)
Marked plastic mixing cups (3)
plastic stir sticks (4)
Denatured alcohol (4 oz)
good quality white chocolate (2 lb)
good quality dark chocolate (2 lb)
Heavy whipping cream
Candy melts (14 oz)
walnut halves
Plastic wrap
<p>I woul love to have one and if you can make one email me at ccr0817@gmail.com thank you very much.</p>
Have you ever considered selling these skull molds online or special order?? I would love a response. <br>valenciakids@gmail.com<br>THANKS
these are AMAZING!! I have forever been trying to find a way to make my own mold for &quot;LA DIA DE LOS MUERTOS&quot;, (a hispanic day of remembrance of loved ones that have passed away), and one tradition is making skulls out of a meringue sugar paste, which are then intricately decorated with piped royal icing. Your skulls are BEAUTIFUL, they beat every mold that i have seen offered online. your Halloween twist is tasty and fun to look at. KEEP INSTRUCTING!
Gosh these are so beautiful, and I bet they taste amazing! Thank you for making such a well-documented Instructable. However, I think this one might be a bit difficult for the average person. The ones you made came out looking like they were made at a high-end candy company! Beautiful job.
The last I knew, TAP Plastics sells the 2-part platinum mold. I made a Han Solo in carbonite. There's an instructable in here somewhere for it. Great job with the skulls.
These look fantastic. I would love to purchase these moulds. Unfortunatly I don't have time to make them myself. Can anybody make them for me and I would quite happily pay a good price for them. <br>Please email me at jmiller78@me.com if you are interested in helping me out. <br>Thanks <br>JM
hehehe awesome
HHAHHAHAHAH<br>easy and funny idea !
That's so cool! Have to make!!!! Thanks :) <br>
this is beyond awesome! great job!! :-)
Very creative and a fun idea! heh
I had the same idea, only the execution was something I was still boggling over. I think yous came out so great!
These are so cute! The first time I looked at them, I couldn't tell those were walnut halves. I didn't realize they were small.

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