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Introduction: Halloween Spider Web Vases

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Recycle old flower vases into fun Halloween Spider Web Vases for your Halloween shindig!

Step 1: Watch the Short Video Tutorial Here!

Step 2: Stuff You'll Need

Glass vase

Americana Gloss Enamel in Black (glass paint)

Allure Dimensional Design Adhesive Paint in Silver Glitter (puff paint)

Rubber spiders

Hot glue gun

Stick on gems


Step 3: Here's How

Paint the vase black with the Gloss Enamel and let dry

Paint the spider web with the silver glitter Allure

Add gems where the lines intersect to create sparkly dewdrops

Hot glue a rubber spider to the center of the web

Fill with black flowers for the perfect Halloween party centerpiece



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    Very doable 'ible with impressive results! I like the rhinestone dewdrops;;and your display is kick. Maybe I missed it, but you did the skull as well?

    2 replies

    Hey Firefly, I did do the skull. It's under Decorative Halloween Skulls. Super fun to make with cheapo plastic dollar store skulls.

    Thanks for the reply - after I posted I found your profile. Love your bejeweled jar lanterns, too!

    Awesome! Did u enter it into the Halloween props contest? I want to vote for u

    1 reply

    I didn't, but I'm going to right now. Thanks for the heads up alwaysawesome!

    Thanks Swag! Always nice to hear!