Picture of Halloween Tank
This is a Halloween Tank to honor our armed forces. Its a full on Tank made out of cardboard, lumber, tape, glue, spray paint, and 20 some hours of time.

Step 1: Frame

Picture of Frame
Create a frame for the tank. See picture for details.

it would be a much better instructable if it had a list of items you will need

Rageover1 year ago

I actually had a simillar idea, but I have never made it real :-)

You're awesome man!

this is awesome man

that is so cool u should put a potato gun in it then you could shoot stuff with it

You are definitely going to get all the candy rolling around in this. :D
poofrabbit2 years ago
This is AWESOME! I would love to see this over the top of a golf cart!
agrewal32 years ago
do camo.
agrewal32 years ago
I saw that kid on TV, News 10.
agrewal32 years ago
so cool!
sgrewal2 years ago
awesome tank