Picture of Halloween Time Machine
Hello all! So this halloween I decided to build a simulator ride for the back yard of my haunt! This ride will have three LCD's running to simulate windows, moving dials, flickering lights, and even vibrating seats! Let's take a look at the steps required to build something like this.
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Step 1:

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The first step is to build a strong base for the outhouse to be on. I used 2x4's and screws to put it together and then some super heavy duty solid wheels were added to be able to move the time machine to storage after halloween.

Step 2:

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The next step is to start your framing. I first put down a sheet of plywood to act as the flooring. Next you build your walls one at a time on a solid, flat surface. After all your walls are built, lift them up one at a time and screw them down to your base. Then screw the wall sections to each other. You can see in this photo I've added supports into the walls for the left and right LCD screens to be attached to.

Step 3:

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Step 3b.jpg
Next step is to cover your frame. I used a very thin 1/4" wood painted black on the outside as the first skin of the time machine to make there be no slits of light showing in between the slats. This also helps with weatherproofing it a little better. The wood slats I used were just dog-eared fence pickets with the dog-ear cut flat. I added 2x4 supports to the inside so I could screw the fence pickets down, since they wouldn't be very sturdy being screwed to just the 1/4" thick wood.

Step 4:

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Next up you should build a frame for the bench seat. I left the frame wide in the middle so I can add a door so that underneath I can have a subwoofer and powerstrips to power the ride equipment. I later skin this with MDF wood and put a back on it made of MDF as well.
olivier_e_fr5 months ago

It looks like my grandpa's backyard toilet lol

JohnL612 months ago


tinker2343 years ago
amazing job at first glace thought that was a real outhouse or something similar i love the weathering job you did i enjoyed this project
moesboy3 years ago
SAM!!! hey
This is so fun, silly, and inventive. We love people who put in so much effort just for a good time. As soon as we finish our broom closet teleportation device we'll pop on over and go for a ride!
ThawedHead3 years ago
Well done. Very thorough and well-designed.
mikeasaurus3 years ago
I'm amazed at the level of detail and dedication, awesome!
That looks like so much fun! Awesome Time Machine!