Step 7:

Next up I made an instrument panel to go on the door above where I will mount the LCD screen. It's just a box made of wood that's deep enough for the servo motors to sit inside. The servo motors act as the dials and are just mounted to a piece of plexiglass that's been spray painted black on the backside. I then made some stickers that looked like dial readouts and stuck those to the plexi. The chrome plastic pieces I found on ebay for a couple bucks apiece. The servos are all attached to a Pololu USB Servo controller board.
Is there a way to get a bill of materials?
What is running the software video? Is it a computer or rasberry pi?
LOL... I loved the puppet. Great work.
<p>It looks like my grandpa's backyard toilet lol</p>
amazing job at first glace thought that was a real outhouse or something similar i love the weathering job you did i enjoyed this project
SAM!!! hey
This is so fun, silly, and inventive. We love people who put in so much effort just for a good time. As soon as we finish our broom closet teleportation device we'll pop on over and go for a ride!
Well done. Very thorough and well-designed.
I'm amazed at the level of detail and dedication, awesome!
That looks like so much fun! Awesome Time Machine!

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