Picture of Halloween Tombstone Lawn Decoration
How many times have you looked out onto your lawn on Halloween eve and thought about making some cute decorations to show off to the neighbors, or to hide behind and scare the kids? Well, I certainly have, and this year I was finally motivated to make my own after years of never finding any acceptable storebought tombstones.

The materials used in this project are mostly, if not all, household items, making this project an affordable one (which helps if you accidentally mess a step up).

Step 1: Gather your Materials

Picture of Gather your Materials
The first step to any project is finding all the necessary ingredients. Since this project was made for semi-realistic tombstones, this list is somewhat large.

For the tombstones' base, you'll need:
*A number of pizza boxes (mine were around 16 inches x 16 x 2, but any boxes could work)
*Lots of old newspapers
*Flour and water in equal parts
*A bowl and a spoon
*Duct Tape

*Something solid and heavy to place inside the boxes for stability, like wood blocks or craft foam.

For the homemade salty play dough, you need:
*Cream of tartar (4 tablespoons)
*Flour (2 cups)
*Salt (1 cup)
*Water (2 cups)
*Vegetable Oil (or a similar oil) (2 tablespoons)
*A large saucepan or a dutch oven
*A large mixing bowl
*A whisk and a sturdy wooden spoon
*Measuring cups and spoons

And for the finish you'll need:
*Spray paint (the base stone color)
*Acrylic paint (for the details)
*Usual painting supplies (Brushes, water, towels, paper plates or palates, etc.)
*a Hammer
*A wooden stake (for setting the stone in place)

It looks like an excessive list, but it's worth it in the end.
DE4D POOL1 year ago
Seymour Asses is Fry's dog's name in Futurama
vampiresrul3 years ago
sweet tombstone:P
vampiresrul3 years ago
love ur tombstone adalei!
its a great idea for and art project
but i need to ask you a question.
can you just you just use normal playdough or plastacine instead of homemade dough?
hope you see this

HeadStone134 years ago
Great Yard tombstone prop Adalei!
Not only does it look like a stone marker but I laughed at the funny epitaph.
How does the paper mache dough stand up to the weathering?
Keep up the outdoor Halloween yard haunting!
HeadStone13 from www.halloweentombstone.net
red-king6 years ago
"hallowe'en eve" is called all saints day i believe...
h3idi red-king4 years ago
All Saints day is the day after hallowe'en. Hallowe'en is for scaring away evil spirits.
red-king h3idi4 years ago
hmmm... what's the day before Halloween, called?
It's called 'All Hallows Eve', celebrated mostly by Wiccan followers as well as other Pagan beliefs. Also in Mexico Halloween is called 'The Day Of The Dead' and some Native American nations celebrate 'The 3rd Harvest Festival' which is a 3 day celebration from the 30th - 1st. Since our household consist of Native American,Spiritualist and Wiccan beliefs, as well as 2 birthdays on Halloween it is our biggest and most decorated holiday of the year. Incorporating all 3 beliefs into our decorations really expands our decorating ideas...and of course these instructables are always helping with that too.
hahahahaha seymour butts. :D
R.I.P. Seymour...Butts...hehe
AstralQueen5 years ago
Seymour Butts..... isn't he the porn dude? :D Awesome instructable!
Adalei (author) 6 years ago
Of course you can. I just used the playdoh to get that sandy texture that older stones in my area have.
PKTraceur6 years ago
Can i just use paper mache, without the playddoh stuff?
i stabbed the stake into the tombstone. it stood up better.
Adalei (author)  watermelonhead7 years ago
Yes, that's how I originally intended it to work. I just got a little rushed in the end and nobody noticed since it was dark anyway :P
hahahahahahahaha seymour butts. i'm so immature. :D
LOL seymore butts! a classic.
chikid687 years ago
this could also be made to look lie marble using first a white base coat of paint and after it dries use a spray bottle set to stream and let the water run down it a little and immediately apply the black paint to the wet area It will stick to the paint but not the water leaving the "texture" of the marble this takes some practice to get just right so I advise practicing for a bit on scrap cardboard until you get the feel for it . this same trick can be used on anything metallic to give it an antique patina although the colours used are different.
hcold7 years ago
How easy would it be just to carve one out of styrofoam, I wonder. Provided you have a piece large enough.
Adalei (author)  hcold7 years ago
Well, styrofoam would get crushed within minutes in my house. This stone will last for at least a few halloweens before you need to trash it.
hcold7 years ago
Love the name! It's brilliant!
Ramnosity7 years ago
A little late don't ya think. lol
Not at all, just a bit early for next year ;)
heh hehe ok.