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Introduction: Halloween Village

This custom Halloween Village started out as a 2x4 foot display section that sat on a cabinet stereo system. It has morphed into a display larger than 5x10 feet for the main section and 2x6 ft secondary sections plus smaller stand alones.

The buildings, trains and structures as well as animals, people and vehicles are both store bought and customized. We've even been invaded by Aliens and a group of intreped Minions are trying to take over the world!!

We hope you enjoy our display.

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:

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Step 5:



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Questions & Answers


The items are mostly manufactured by Lemax, Spooky Town and Pumpkin Hollow collections. They are available at Michael's Arts & Crafts, Sears, KMart and many sites online. Be aware, it is addictive...... lol.

I love these! Where did you buy the pieces from?