Halloween Witches Eye-shadow



Introduction: Halloween Witches Eye-shadow

So i went shopping with a friend not that long ago and saw this really cool witches hat, so now I'm going to be a witch for halloween. so i made this eye-shadow tutorial for you.

P.S. Sorry about the pictures i didn't realise until i uploaded them that they are on a side -_-*

Step 1: What Ya Need

Dark eye-shadow

Step 2: Lets Get to It!!!!

so to start just apply the eye-shadow like normal but take it closer to your eye-brow.

Step 3: Annnnnnd Flick!!!

now make a little flick at the top near the end of your eye-brow, then make a large flick down the side of your face.

Use the picture as a reference because i don't always explain that well.

Step 4: DONE!!!

Repeat for the other eye and then your done! I hope you all enjoy this instructables! And HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!



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