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Introduction: Halloween and Beyond - Free Wolf Hat Pattern

If you can get hold of a metre of decent quality fake fur - this is a great way to make some early Christmas presents. This fur hat was meant to be made in shaggy wolf fur - thus the name 'Wolf Hat' - but I happened to have some gorgeous quality smooth short-pile lying around and it would've been crazy not to have tried it out. The result - more of a 'Cat Hat' in this type of fur, but gorgeous and just adds to the versatilty of this pattern. Could also be made in a lighter coloured long-pile to give a great 'Husky Dog' look. Perfect for your Halloween Cat or Werewolf costume, and then guaranteed to keep you nice and warm when the real winter weather arrives. Has the added extra of a scarf tie, with pockets at the ends to keep the wearer's hands warm. Fake fur can be a little tricky to sew but on the plus side it hides a multitude of sins. As well as this, the seams do not need finishing as it's all hidden inside the lining - and there are no fastenings. Sizes 2-3 to 8-9.




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    Fab :-) Would LOVE you to send me a picture of that when you make it. thred-hed.blogspot.co.uk

    epic!!! I am soooo gonna add a unicorn horn and gloves to this awesome design!
    thanks ^^

    hey there

    lovely work you do here, could i bother you with some grown-up sizes for the pattern? thank you, Jan

    1 reply

    I'll see what I can do....

    Sorted! regards thredHED

    hi There, can I just add that, after having just checked my dow load - my file has been hacked into and a payment request has been made and the pattern removed. This is not my bank account - on no account pay - my patterns are free. Bear with me i will sort this.