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Introduction: Halloween Cake on the Cheap!

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If you blew your entire Halloween budget on your costume and yet you still need to buy treats for your party, here's a simple and yet fancy way to make up for it. :D

Cakes and cupcakes are the way to go. You can make 2 cakes or 40+ cupcakes for under 10 dollars in most cases. This should keep everyone pretty happy and you'll look like an awesome chef even though you cheated.

Step 1: What You Need...

- a box of cake mix, whatever flavor you like.
- one can of white frosting
- food coloring (gel or liquid will work)
- patience and a little creativity.
- clean hands
- ziploc bag in case you don't have any frosting tips!

I made one cake and had more than enough frosting just from one can. You could probably use the leftover for another cake.

You may also choose to get a different color gel for writing or drawing on the cake. This costs very little. I chose a black color to write on the cake. But you can also write with the frosting - just be sure to make it a contrasting color!

I chose not to buy specially made Halloween cake decorations because I'm cheap. But you can if you want! I find this to be just as cute, though. :D

Step 2: Bake the Cake and Begin Mixing the Frosting Colors.

Bake the cake according to the directions, and let cool completely before you begin frosting. I let mine sit overnight, actually!

All of that cooling time will let you think of color schemes. Most food coloring kits come with red, blue, green, and yellow and you can make a ton of colors out of those. I decided to go with orange and green. For the orange I mixed in more yellow than red to make it lighter and more neon. For the green I mixed in a ton of green with a little yellow to make it brighter.

Now figure out what you'll do with the frosting. Will you do stripes? A checkerboard? Circles? I went with circles.

Sure, you could just do one solid color, but what's so fancy about that? :P

You could also create stencils from Halloween cookie cutters. I was tempted to run out and get some bat cookie cutters and have a red background with black and purple bats in the foreground. Maybe next year!

Step 3: Frosting the Cake!

I decided to mix less green than orange because I knew the green would only be in little circles.

I used my fingers and a spoon to form the circles. Nothing too technical here. You might find a better way to make your designs but this works for me!

I did the green first because I was afraid that trying to make the green circles on top of the orange icing would be too messy since I'm a novice.

Keep in mind that your edges don't have to be perfect - you can use the other color to help even them out. :D

Step 4: Frosting the Cake, Part 2.

Now fill in the rest of the cake with your other color.

Yet again, I used my fingers.

So no licking your fingers if you'll be serving this to anyone else. ;)

Step 5: Lettering!

Lettering on cakes has always been really hard for me. I do fine with the placement, but I hate that it always looks shaky and unprofessional. So I found a way to remedy that.

First, letter in straight lines (or as straight as you can get them) first. Then, go back over them with the same color icing, but make it thicker and in a back and forth motion. This will fill out the inconsistencies in the lettering and also make the letters thicker and more interesting. :)

And, if you don't have icing tips, you can fill a ziploc bag with the frosting of your choice and cut the tip off one of the corners for an instant pastry bag. (See picture below.) Or, you get a little more complicated and follow this instructable:


Also keep in mind that a damp paper towel makes short work of cleaning up the edges of the pan. I got messy with the icing. Hope this instructable gave you some ideas for your later cake endeavors!

Now let's go get sugar-drunk! Yay!



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    I think that if you had put down the orange first, then let the frosting harden, it would have been easier to add the green circles.

    Looks Great!

    Eww! Fingers! Ahhhhhhhh!!! ... you could have used your wig to make textures! Cool, anyway ;-)

    1 reply

    Hahaha, pfft. As long as you aren't licking them it's fine. I just hate using utensils because you can't feel where the icing is going. :P