Picture of Halloween decorations: Halloween Candy Bouquet
Make your own candy bouquet. It makes a unique gift for Halloween or a tasty centerpiece for a Halloween party. It's fun to make. Kids will love to help you make this Halloween candy bouquet.

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Step 1:

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Take any Halloween container you would like to use for your Halloween candy bouquet and floral foam.
Kerushii1 year ago
I made these! Thanks for the instructions
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sprinkles682 years ago
It's beautiful! You're so talented
Woop! I just posted a photo on here of topiary trees I made this year with lollypops! I have a heap of florists wire left over, so maybe I will do a cool bouquet like this next year!
bman20113 years ago
You even can do this Idea for other holidays like Xmas........
bman20113 years ago
Here are some that i did,with my wifes' help for our family and friends
oakhill534 years ago
I was looking for an office Halloween gift for the doctor's and nurses who took care of my daughter... Thanks, this is terrific!!
me too! thanks! Great job!
Doreenasbwi5 years ago
I am SO going to make this!  Thank you!!